We understand the importance of having strong professional networks around the Apex Brand Management office. When we set out to add new contacts, we’re always excited about the potential for impactful bonds. To make our connecting efforts as successful as possible, we apply the following simple strategies to make positive first impressions:

• Smile: A warm and genuine smile makes us more open and welcoming to potential contacts. It’s the simplest and most direct way we’ve found for showing real interest in making mutually beneficial connections with likeminded people.

• Research: Through websites and social media pages dedicated to big events, we can learn about some of the people who will be in attendance. With some background info in mind, we can tailor our questions and share personal details that resonate with the people we meet.

• Focus on Helping: When we meet potential additions to our Apex Brand Management contact lists, we try to figure out ways we can help them before parting company. It doesn’t have to be anything major; sometimes a book recommendation is all it takes to begin a lasting relationship.

• Follow Up: We send an email or put in a quick call to our newest connections within a day or two of our initial meetings. Doing so shows that we’re committed to building a long-term bond and ensures that we stick in people’s memories.

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