A select group of Apex Brand Management’s top-performing associates recently traveled to an industry holiday party. It was both a chance to celebrate the end of the year and a way to reward some of our team members. We are very focused on team building and are always looking for ways to build a more cohesive and productive workplace.

The holiday party took place in December in Reno, Nevada. In addition to our team members, there were many leading people from our industry. Matt, our company President, found seeing how much others have achieved to be truly inspiring. It is always great to take a step back to examine and learn from the rest of our field.

Everyone who attended from Apex Brand Management came back full of energy and ready to make 2018 our best year yet. Matt was pleased to have had the chance to show his appreciation to top-performing executives from our company. Additionally, he brought some of our newer people, so they could network with and be inspired by others from our industry, too.

The holiday party was a very enjoyable event and set a great example for everyone on our team. We will all be working even harder this year to drive toward our individual and team objectives. Learn more about the latest Apex Brand Management activities by checking out our Newswire.