We benefit from our unique work atmosphere here at Apex Brand Management HQ. Our leaders are dedicated to maintaining a tight-knit office that encourages strong teamwork. We enjoy each other’s company as we achieve ambitious goals and when we get together away from work.

Matt, our company’s President, stated, “We have so many team outings that build morale and help us close in on our biggest goals. Our weekly team nights include dinners at our favorite restaurants, playing basketball, and trips to Dave and Buster’s. Every outing is a chance to learn more about each other as we have fun away from the demands of the office.”

We’re active people around the Apex Brand Management office, so our leaders tend to hire sports-minded candidates who fit well into our engaging culture. Matt added, “There’s a lot of friendly competition in the office. Every Friday is Challenge Friday, which means team members choose other people to compete against for the day. Whoever gets the highest sales numbers has the win until the following Friday.”

These kinds of contests create incentives for our team members to make sure they’re on top of their games. “Our spirited competitions breed stronger camaraderie throughout the office,” Matt remarked. “I’m proud of the way our work atmosphere challenges people to perform at their best.”

Our work culture powers consistent excellence and winning outcomes for the companies we represent. Follow Apex Brand Management on Instagram to learn more about our team environment.