The last half of 2019 is here, and it’s time for Team Apex Brand Management to check over the goals we started the year with. We think of this as being similar to what a professional sports team might do halfway through the season, and the steps we take are alike as well.

For instance, this check-in is a time for us to honestly evaluate our progress so far. If we’ve already hit some targets and they need to be reset, or if we’re behind schedule in an area – this is when we need to know, so that we can finish the year strong.

Using this information, we then decide what Apex Brand Management targets to keep aiming for, and what projects to set aside until next year. We find the GROWTH system to be helpful in this: Goal, Reality, Options, What’s Next. We’re big on visual aids, so one helpful tip is to draw out a timeline for the rest of the year that shows what we’re trying to achieve and by when. It’s easier to see how our ideas play out when they’re written down this way.

Finally, we break down the quarterly, monthly, and even weekly targets that come out of this exercise and turn them into small (even daily) milestones. It’s these small action steps taken consistently that lead to victory.

We may not be professional athletes, but thinking like them has helped us achieve remarkable success. Follow Apex Brand Management on LinkedIn to see how well our team performs in Q4.