Knowledge transfer is a huge part of our Apex Brand Management culture. In fact, we crave opportunities to broaden our horizons by learning from the best of the best in the customer acquisition industry. Recently, select members of our team traveled to Dallas for a leadership conference, where they had a chance to meet some of the top people in this field.

“I asked Chris M. and Mark G. to join me for this trip,” said Matt, our Apex Brand Management President. “These account directors have really stood out over the last few months. They are both very dedicated to learning as much as they can to succeed, are consistent in their job performances, and aren’t afraid to ask for help when needed.”

Matt stated that he had several objectives for this conference. “Personally, I enjoy attending these conferences because I can network with other successful managers in this business,” he said.

According to Matt, the benefit of attending for Chris and Mark was the change in perspective they received. “It’s good for them to meet others in the industry and understand how these people became successful by working past any obstacles they encountered and focusing on the bigger picture,” he said. “There are so many diverse backgrounds in the consulting and marketing industry, so it’s good for Chris and Mark to realize there’s no one type for success, it’s all about how much effort we’re willing to put in to accomplish our goals.”

Conferences extend our learning in more than one way. Check out our Apex Brand Management Newswire to see where we’re headed next.