Relationship building is an essential skill for every Apex Brand Management team member. Not only is it key to our outreach methodology, it is also central to networking. Almost any business initiative can be enhanced through meeting the right people. So, it is valuable for professionals to master this skill. One core philosophy can help anyone accomplish this: the giver’s gain.

Business relationships are in large part exchanges of value. If you want to meet people who can help you, think about ways you can help others. This is the main idea of the giver’s gain; people can advance themselves by helping others to advance.

This mind-set is helpful in all aspects of business. For example, in Apex Brand Management campaigns, we represent services by showing consumers how they can benefit from those services. So, developing this attitude toward success is useful in other aspects of one’s career. However, it is perhaps most pronounced when networking.

Meeting people and starting relationships are easiest when others come to you. This is where the giver’s gain really becomes effective. The more you help others within your network, the more influential you will become. Therefore, more people will start coming to you to form relationships. Giving more when networking tends to have an exponential payoff.

Using this philosophy will help you to master networking.

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