We had a wonderful time representing Apex Brand Management at this year’s National Admin Conference! It was an amazing chance to meet some of the top administrators in our industry and bring some valuable tips back to the home office. Matt, our firm’s CEO, even said that the insights we gained at the event will set our business model up for success for years to come.

Our travel events always give us fresh inspiration to elevate our performance. The National Admin Conference also encouraged us to establish more ambitious goals than ever before. Setting clear objectives has always been a key part of the Apex Brand Management ethos, but spending time around so many high achievers has us motivated to set the bar even higher.

We’ve found that writing our targets down is one of the best ways to make them more attainable. There’s something about having tangible reminders of what we want to achieve that helps us maintain high levels of motivation. We post our objectives in highly visible locations so that they’re always at the front of our minds.

Making sure our goals are measurable is another strategy we’ve found useful. If we can track where we are in terms of reaching our desired outcomes, we’re much better equipped to adjust course if necessary.

We’re looking forward to our next inspiring team travel event. Follow Apex Brand Management on Instagram for updates from the home office and the road.