A key to exceptional leadership lies in the person’s ability to confidently make sound choices. Within our Apex Brand Management, Inc. office, we have discussed what practices we should apply to improve our decision making. Here are three we’ve identified:

• Ask if It Aligns With Goals and Vision: Good leaders are consistent in their decision-making approaches because they rely on their goals and visions to inform them. During our Apex Brand Management, Inc. training, we stress that it’s important to align decisions with values, goals, and the big picture. We ask ourselves how each choice will impact our abilities to succeed.

• Weigh Options: Sometimes two or more options appear viable, making it a challenge to choose. A practice we’ve noted in our Apex Brand Management, Inc. brainstorming sessions is to add values based on what features or qualities are most and least important. This practice can help us objectively decide between multiple appealing choices. At the least, this approach can help us eliminate less effective options.

• Give It 24 Hours: Outside of life or death emergencies, there are few situations that require immediate answers. We should not feel rushed to decide on anything. Whenever possible, we should wait at least 24 hours to render a final decision. This time permits us to resolve any questions we might have that could impact our choice.

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