Travel is a sweet Apex Brand Management perk that we offer our hard-working team members. Our most recent trip took top performers Amr and Bella to Dallas, Texas for a national leadership conference, where they met other rising stars in the biz while learning from the top names in our field.

The weekend featured keynote speakers from across the country who shared all that they knew in their areas of expertise. Amr and Bella got the inside scoop on the tips and tricks that helped these pros achieve their success. There was also time to put the networking skills we teach as part of our Apex Brand Management training program to use, sharing best practices and contact info with movers and shakers from many different markets.

Since trips do play such a big role in the lives of our team members, we also discuss some strategies to make sure our travel plans go as smoothly as possible. For example, we work out all the details of our journeys in advance, such as flights, lodging, and transportation needs. We also create checklists to make sure we have pens, paper, chargers, and other easily forgotten essentials with us.

With our guidelines and training, Bella and Amr had a great time in Dallas, and we’re all looking forward to our next company trip. Follow Apex Brand Management on Instagram to see content from the trip.